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At Bare Microblading, we take sanitation and safety very seriously. Each artist is always up to date with bloodborne pathogens, first aid and continuing education courses. The Health department visits our studio semi-annually to ensure all precautions are being met and your and our safety is being put first. 

Between both artists, we obtain 15 certification courses including:
-Nouveau Contour PMU Training in Orlando, Florida
- Brow Envy Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio 
- Fine Line Studio Tiny Tattoo Course 
- Bloodborne pathogen 
- First Aid and Safety 

- Shay Danielle 2 pass powder brow course 
- Shay Danielle Hybrid brow course
- Shay Danielle Whip Shading course  
- Jasmine Diebellus textured nano strokes course 
- Brow Daddy Color Theory course 
- Lexi Bowler Modifying Basics course 

- Lexi Bowler How to Frame a Face course
- Lexi Bowler Aging Skin course 
- Lexi Bowler Practicing Perfect Depth course 
- Lexi Bowler Keeping Your Strokes Thin course 

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