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pre / post - care.

It is essential that you follow these instructions before and after your appointment. Please read through thoroughly BEFORE booking your appointment. In result that pre care instructions were not followed will result in forfeiting your deposit and rescheduling your appointment. 



Absolutely NO:

  • Facials 4 weeks prior

  • Chemical peels prior

  • No skin irritations on the treatment area

  • No blood thinners such as Advil, Ibuprofen, Fish oil, C oumadin, or vitamin E within 72 hours before your appointment. Consult  your doctor if you are prescribed to take blood thinners to stop for 3 before your procedure. Written approval is required.

  • No surgeries 6 months prior

  • Absolutely no anti-aging or anti-acne products 4 weeks prior

  • No A ccutane 1 year prior

  • No B  otox or fillers 4 weeks prior

  • No intentional tanning 4 weeks prior

  • No antibiotics 4 weeks prior

  • No waxing/tinting of brows 2 weeks prior

  • Absolutely no alcohol or caffeine 24 hours prior

  • Spray tanning 4 weeks prior

  • Do not show up sick with a viral or bacterial infection

  • No working out day of appointment



Post care will be followed for 14 days

- Pat your brows for the first 30 mins following procedure with the provided pads. 

- You will wash your brows in the sink with cool to lukewarm water both morning and evening with the soap that is provided by your artist

- Be sure to use gentle pressure while cleansing especially during your flaky stage of the healing process. Rinse the soap well and pat dry with a clean paper towel each time

- We recommend washing your face first around your eyebrows to avoid getting any skin care on the micro pigmented area

- You will be provided an aftercare lotion to keep your brows moisturized. The lotion is to be applied both morning and night after you wash your brows unless directed otherwise.

- You only need about a rice grain size of the lotion for both brows- never use too much as it can lead to poor retention. They should simply be moisturized, not wet and heavy.

- Other than washing your brows morning and night, you are to keep your brows dry. Avoid getting them wet in the shower. "Protective brow visors" are available on amazon and they provide great protection while showering

- Avoid steam- including hot steamy showers, baths, steam rooms or hot tubs 

- Keep your brows clean- avoid touching them

- Keep everything off of the brow area including but not limited to makeup, SPF and skin care.

- Sun exposure is prohibited during the healing phase. Wear a hat if you are outside

- Avoid exercising for the duration of the post care. This can cause infection and poor retention 

- Absolutely no picking, rubbing, scratching the tattooed area. Be mindful of sleeping on your face 

- After 2 weeks, it is crucial that you apply and reapply SPF every single day. The sun will cause the color of the pigment to alter

- Always keep active skin care ingredients off of the brows. You can still use them- but apply 2 inches away from the tattoo



Your brows will go through many phases during the healing process. At first, your brows will appear very dark and bold. The pigment will gradually soften. Remember the pigment heals 40-50% lighter. Do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the Q-tip when applying your aftercare, as this is excess pigment and/or body fluid that is naturally exiting your skin. You may experience peeling, which may look patchy and like you are losing a lot of strokes. This is also very normal, your skin is simply exfoliating itself. You also may experience scabbing. As undesirable as this is, it can happen. Just remember to never pick, itch, or scrub under ANY circumstances. If you have to itch the area, tap with your finger instead. Again, always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. The healing process can be very difficult and I am here to ease your mind during this process. 

PLEASE NOTE: Every client is required 2 sessions MINIMUM. Some clients may not retain as well as others. This is cosmetic procedure, meaning no client is promised to heal the same as another client. This is an ART not science. 

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