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Are you a candidate for permanent makeup?

Unfortunately, you are NOT a candidate if you answer yes to any of the following: 

Pregnant or breastfeeding

Previous permanent makeup (required photos or consultation) 

Viral infections or disease (flu, cold etc)

Have had a cold sore in the past 2 weeks 

Undergoing chemotherapy 

Autoimmune disorder

Immune suppressing medications

Topical steroids on procedure area 

A ccutan e within the last 12 months

HIV or Hepatitis 

Organ transplant 

Pacemaker or heart issues





Major heart conditions

History of keloids

Skin irritations (acne, psoriasis, etc)


Consistent use of Retin A/ anti aging products




Sorry ladies, the beautification will have to wait until after your little bundle is here and no longer breastfeeding. Like tattooing, the risks of permanent makeup while pregnant or breastfeeding's are too great to consider.  It is recommended that you wait 2 months post- breastfeeding to allow hormones to regulate, prior to permanent makeup.


Hypertropic scarring, as well as Keloids, can cause large raised scars due to an overproduction of localized collagen. The use of any invasive needle or blade could have an alternative reaction that would not give you the look you want, and leave you with scarring.


Chemo and radiation both have unknown and varying side effects, including lowering your immune system. We do not recommend our clients do any permanent makeup until these treatments have been completed and a doctor has signed off. 


While we do welcome clients of all ages, we do want every client to love their results. Due to the thin nature of mature skin, it is more susceptible to bleeding, leading to poor retention and blurred results. Machine work would be required and could heal great. It is important to know this before moving forward. 


Both thyroid disorders and diabetic clients will require a doctors not in order to get permanent makeup. Due to the poor retention and varying results, we do require that your medical provider is on-board with this procedure.


Unfortunately, facial fillers of any kind may alter the results of your permanent makeup, its longevity, and its final outcome. We would be happy to move forward with services, as long as botox has not been done for at least 4 weeks prior to your appointment. You are also welcome to resume use after your permanent makeup has healed. 


Autoimmune and bleeding disorders are considerably high risk when receiving any type of tattoo or permanent makeup. Unfortunately, this can cause unknown results in permanent makeup application and outcome. Depending on the disorder and the technique used, results have potential to heal well. A doctors note is required before proceeding. Please reach out for any questions you may have. 


Anti-aging treatments, whether topical, oral, or injectable, could have a sever reaction to permanent makeup. Due to the rapid cell regeneration, your permanent makeup application and results could greatly vary. We require that you stop use for a minimum or 1 month prior to your appointment and discontinue use in the area of permanent makeup permanently. 


Chemical peels, resurfacing facials, and laser treatments of the face can extremely alter the skins integrity for retaining permanent makeup. Results can blur and fade rapidly. We require that you do not have any treatments of this type at least  30 days prior to and after your treatment. Clients are required to make sure their technician knows to stay away and cover the brows once healed and that it can cause fading and color change.


Accutane, along with other acne medications can cause skin (including tattooed skin) to peel, change in texture, and can prevent proper application and retention. The combination of acne medication along with permanent makeup is not recommended for at least 1 year.


While we all love our fun in the sun, UV rays will cause your permanent makeup to fade. Sunburned or tanned skin will not allow our technicians to properly evaluate your natural skin tone, which in turn could severely alter your results. Sun exposure will also cause color change. We will absolutely not work on tanned or sun burnt skin. Absolutely no intentional tanning on the face for 3 prior. Any sun exposure  requires daily sunblock to protect your investment.


Unfortunately, oily to extremely oily skin has the tendency to alter your permanent makeup results. Oily skin does not retain well and your results could end up blurred or faded much quicker than our standard results. It is important to know this, should you choose to move forward. If you do, machine work is required. No microblading.


Dr. Zwerling, the founder of the COVID-19 vaccine, advises no tattooing between the 1st and 2nd vaccination, and then to wait 10-14 days after the second vaccination while the immune system is compromised. If you have had your first vaccination, but not your second, we do require that you wait until 14 days after your second vaccine to get permanent makeup as the results could be unknown. If you have not had the vaccine, this does not apply to you.

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